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Online vehicle parts catalogue

What is Autocat?

Autocat is a comprehensive electronic parts catalogue that enables you to quickly find all the components you need for any vehicle or application. As an automatically updated, web-driven catalogue, Autocat gathers component data from multiple suppliers, giving you instant access to the most up-to-date component specifications. The data is maintained through an automatic verification and standardisation process, facilitating easy product comparison. Web-based data retrieval also means you don’t have to rely on CD-based updates to access the latest product information.

The catalogue is simple to use, with intuitive selection and drill-down menus on a single screen. You can search for the components you need by product type, supplier or part number.


What are the benefits to your business?

Access parts information from multiple suppliers

Access parts information from multiple suppliers

Easily search, identify and compare products

Easily search, identify and compare products

Access the latest product data

Access the latest product data

Accessories catalogue

Autocat features a new accessories catalogue, which provides support for tools, equipment, car care consumables and accessories. The catalogue improves the information that is available at point of sale and enables users to search, filter and compare products from individual brands.

MOT history button

Retrieve a vehicle's MOT history and due date from the DVSA database with Autocat's button. This makes it easier to retrieve information, which can help identify upselling opportunities at point of sale.

Exhaust matching

The Euro rating of the vehicle is shown on the VRM next to the CO2 emissions, and in the part on the Euro spec field. This reduces the number of results and makes it easier to determine which part can legally be fitted to a vehicle.

Customisable shortcut buttons

Customise the layout of shortcut buttons that appear in the new quick-access menu. Users will be able to select which product groups feature in the menu and arrange them as required.

Pre-select parts for comparison

Tick boxes on the main grid so results can easily be filtered before being passed to the comparison screen.

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