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EasyAP automates supplier invoice processing for Autopart users

EasyAP automates supplier invoice processing for Autopart users

EasyAP and Autopart

Users of Autopart are able to benefit from EasyAP, a new solution designed to automate supplier invoice processing.

The functionality, which is pre-integrated with the business management solution from MAM Software, will deliver significant time and efficiency savings to Autopart customers. EasyAP eliminates the need for manual invoice processing, allowing businesses to deploy their accounts payable resources elsewhere while significantly reducing their paperwork.

With EasyAP, supplier invoices are downloaded from email and all the details needed to process it within Autopart are captured electronically. The system then matches the invoice to the purchase order and automatically populates the necessary fields within Autopart. Any corrections that need to be made can be entered manually, and innovative artificial intelligent processes enable Autopart to remember these for future use.

An electronic version of the information is immediately stored alongside an image of the original invoice, helping businesses cut down on the need to print, handle and file paper copies.

In the event that a supplier cannot provide a PDF, it is possible to scan in a hard copy of the invoice. EasyAP then automatically populates the fields within Autopart using these details.

James Mitchell, Managing Director UK & I, commented: "We recognise that time and efficiency savings are high on the agenda for our customers - as is the need to operate sustainably. EasyAP is the latest functionality within Autopart that will help them achieve this.”

"The manual processing of supplier invoices can take several hours - especially for our larger customers - so we are excited to offer a solution that will speed up this process. We are proud that this solution is another great example of where Sustainability and Profitability can go hand in hand. Sustainability as this product will encourage the digitisation of a traditional paper process and profitability as this solution will reduce the admin time and physical resource (paper/ink) used.”

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