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Vernons Garage

Management software makes day-to-day business "so much easier" for Vernons Garage

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Vernons Garage

Management software makes day-to-day business "so much easier" for Vernons Garage

Vernons Garage, an independent garage and AutoCare member that has been in business since 1935, has praised MAM Software's Autowork Online for simplifying tasks across its operations. The garage management software has a number of key features that workshop manager Ken Morris says have become critical to his day-to-day business.  

"There is so much flexibility within Autowork Online. One of the main features for us is the workshop diary, where we can schedule in booked jobs," Ken noted. This enables better traceability at the garage and helps identify where efficiencies can be improved. 

"We used to produce job cards the previous evening, but the system makes it easier for us to allocate jobs and see exactly what technicians are working on." 

MAM Software will soon be launching TeamView, a paperless job card and technicians' tracking module for Autowork Online. This will make it even easier to calculate workshops' labour recovery rates, as well as those of individual technicians. 

Vernons Garage has also benefited from the software's cloud-based deployment. Autowork Online runs in-browser so no installation is required, while the infrastructure ensures uptime is maximised. "We don't have to worry about backing up our data - it makes our lives so much easier," Ken said. 

A number of new developments have recently been introduced to the software that will further enhance its functionality. Among them is the MOT history button, which allows users to look up a vehicle's MOT details without exiting the application. Ken explained that this is "something our technicians will find useful", as the business already relies on the software to retrieve customer and vehicle records. 

"Autowork Online is so simple to use. It has become second nature for our younger technicians in particular. The MAM staff are extremely helpful and easy to get hold of, which also makes our job much easier. 

"We have come to rely on the system so much. I would recommend Autowork Online to everyone," Ken added. 

Nathan Fothergill, sales manager at MAM Software, said: "Autowork Online is constantly developing and it is great to see locations such as Vernons Garage making the most of the latest features." 

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