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Trident Tyres & Accessories

Cloud-based software helps Trident Tyres & Accessories overcome hard drive and server issues

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Trident Tyres & Accessories

MAM has helped the established car parts and tyre retailer overcome outdated systems with a move to cloud-based Autopart Online

Established car parts and tyre retailer Trident Tyres & Accessories recently sought help from MAM Software following the failure of their internal servers. This triggered a move to cloud-based Autopart Online, as well as an extensive hardware upgrade. 

Autopart Online is business management software designed to integrate core processes for companies in the automotive aftermarket. The cloud-based application eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance, while enabling Trident Tyres & Accessories to securely store and back-up its data. 

Using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) means MAM can provide software updates whenever they are needed. The virtual servers are hosted off site and can be scaled up or down to meet the needs of the individual business. 

"We've been a customer of MAM since about 1997," explained Denzil Thomas, managing director of Trident Tyres & Accessories, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. "I'd been discussing the issues we were having with our servers with a member of the MAM team, then two weeks later our hard drive stopped working." 

"We were using third-party servers that had been built by someone internally, they lasted about three or four years before the hard drive started to malfunction. We'd sourced our computers from elsewhere and it's fair to say they weren't up to the job," Denzil noted. 

MAM now provides the majority of the hardware at Trident Tyres & Accessories, although the move to Autopart Online means servers are now located at an off-site data centre. The company is now able to access data much more quickly, enabling them to monitor stock levels and make transactions smoother. 

"The transition has been a good experience, MAM managed it well and we are pleased with the outcome. Although the upgrade involved an initial outlay, we feel the improved speeds and functionality have already more than justified the cost," added Denzil. 

Mark Kendall, sales director at MAM Software, said: "The issues that arose at Trident Tyres & Accessories show just how important it is to keep servers, hardware and software up to date. 

"This is why we offer resilient cloud-based business management solutions to help companies keep up with the latest developments, while ensuring continuity of service. 

"These solutions make good business sense for many of our customers and we look forward to seeing how Denzil and his team continue to benefit from this move." 

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