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Kashmir Motor Centre

Kashmir Motor Centre saving 'three hours per day' since moving to cloud-based software

Customer: Kashmir Motor Centre       

Kashmir Motor Centre

Investing in Autopart Online has helped the single-site motor factor become more efficient

Kashmir Motor Centre, a Burnley-based car accessories and parts retailer, is saving significant amounts of time across its business since investing in Autopart Online. The cloud-based business management software has helped reduce the number of phone calls the store deals with, while also helping to improve customer service. 

Autopart is available as both a traditional on-premise and cloud solution. It can be used at single-site operations such as Kashmir Motor Centre, or deployed at multiple sites. 

One of the benefits is the software's ability to improve operational efficiency, and Asif Manzur, Owner of Kashmir Motor Centre, estimates that the business is already saving around three hours per day since moving to its new system.  

"We have drastically reduced the number of phone calls we receive, as we're now able to send out invoices with orders," Asif explained. "Before Autopart Online, we spent a lot of time manually looking up suppliers' costs, but this is no longer an issue." 

Staff aren't the only ones benefiting. Customers have also seen improvements in the level of service they receive from Kashmir Motor Centre since implementing the new system. 

"Our customers are happier, as they can see the pricing information of parts they've ordered and received on the invoice rather than having to pick up the phone." 

Kashmir was using Autonet prior to Autopart Online and the additional accounting functionality it offers has proved valuable to the business. AutoGRNi is one example; this is an automated process that posts purchase invoices and credits to supplier accounts on a purchase ledger. Kashmir Motor Centre can use this to determine which customer has bought what and adjust its stock levels accordingly. 

"We've been in the business for about 35 years and investing in Autopart Online has been a good decision. I hope it will benefit us well into the future - it was the right move at the right time," Asif added. 

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