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A feature-rich tablet app

What is SalesRep?

MAM SalesRep is a feature-rich tablet app that empowers your field-based sales representatives to strengthen customer relationships and improve productivity.

It communicates directly with your MAM business management (MAM BMS) solution Autopart via WiFi or 3G/4G, enabling your staff to access account information, customer notes and transaction history. They can check pricing, view stock availability, raise orders and implement price overrides directly from the app. It also allows your staff to conduct impress or managed stock checks and create replenishment orders. Details of visits and calls can be logged on the app and synced instantly with your branch or head office.

How is it Delivered?

Available for iPad, iPad mini and selected Android tablets*, SalesRep works in conjunction with your on-premise or cloud-hosted MAM business management solution Autopart to provide you with secure, real-time access to business critical functions and data. 

(*requires 3G/4G or WiFi access)

Stock, pricing, enquiries and orders

The purchase/sales processing functionality allows for the efficient re-ordering of stock, allowing your staff to check stock availability for specific parts along with any alternatives, if applicable and re-order directly from the tablet app.  You can give staff the option to implement price overrides in order to offer face-to-face promotions. As many products as you wish can be added to a customer order, which can be submitted immediately or saved to the device to be retrieved later. This means that you can build orders for multiple customers and submit the orders all at once after a complete working day. You also have the option to view and select which address to send orders to if your customer has multiple locations.

Business intelligence graphs

Graphs enable staff to visualise customers’ buying patterns over a rolling 12-month period in terms of unit sales and sales value. This makes it easier to identify trends and highlight opportunities for improvement. At a glance, staff can instantly detect gaps in buying patterns or isolate events that are affecting margins. Staff can also compare patterns from the previous year, with the previous rolling 12 months represented by a line graph. This allows you to see where you may be falling behind or excelling by yearly performance.

Benchmark reporting

SalesRep’s benchmark report allows staff to select up to ten product groups and profile percentage customer spend of those groups against branch spend. Staff can also profile actual customer spend against that of the branch. This allows users to identify where they might be able to generate extra revenue, as they are easily able to see where a customer could be spending more or which product groups they may be purchasing from competitors.

Customer and status summary

SalesRep allows your sales representatives to view and search a complete list of all their customers in one place, along with contact details, customer status and ranking flags and account ‘on stop’ status together with last call and next call dates. Ranks can be assigned to customers at your head office based on pre-determined sales parameters, and customer status can be decided based on factors you choose; for example, sales frequency, or customer loyalty. You also have the option to filter customers by last call date, or to search for customers with visits arranged between/on specified dates.

Detailed customer information

Clicking on an account allows you to drill-down to more detailed information including: 

● Address 

● Contact name and phone number 

● Account balances 

● Payment terms 

● Last sale date 

● Customer type and area/line of business codes

Impress and managed stock

Impress stock is a tried and tested way for you to increase your profits and gain product popularity. It’s also great for your customers, as they can assure their own customers that popular products are always readily available. SalesRep not only allows your sales representatives to monitor impress stock levels, it also allows them to carry out an impress stock check and create replenishment orders directly from the app.

Customer notes

SalesRep allows your staff to improve customer communication during direct visits by giving them instant access to departmental or all customer notes, with the ability to add new notes. Department-specific notes can be created and password protected, and all notes added to SalesRep sync instantly with your management software.

Secure, real-time access to data

Each of your sales representatives has a unique secure login to see their own accounts with the ability to carry out a number of actions. A secure login screen ensures that only the staff can access their customer base, whether the device is stolen, lost, or accidentally picked up by another sales representative. With data accessed via the internet from your head office management system, all information and updates can be viewed in real-time. From within your MAM BMS, you can withhold specific functionality from individual representatives; for example, the ability to carry out orders or implement price overrides. Representatives can also be flagged as ‘super users’ in order to gain access to all customer lists.

Customer call and visit logging

SalesRep allows your sales representative to generate ‘rep call’ notes, allowing them to detail all of their discussions at the visit. They are then able to use the app to schedule a follow-up visit on a date to suit. It is also feasible to set the visit schedule using the Call List Maintenance option in your MAM BMS system, which will sync with the app. Next call dates appear on the customer details on the home screen/ customer list screen, with no need to drill down to check next scheduled visit.

Financial account enquiries

SalesRep allows your sales representatives to make an account enquiry on any of their customers, they are able to see all invoices and credits with an outstanding balance taken directly from the MAM BMS Sales Ledger. They will also see a summarised monthly balance. It also allows you to improve debt collection by encouraging your staff to follow up on outstanding customer invoices.

Product purchase history

Sales representatives can enhance customer service by being able to easily view a list of recent parts ordered and carry out stock and price enquiries on those parts. They can also improve the chance of a sale by suggesting alternative products, implementing price overrides and ordering straight from the app. Orders made using SalesRep sync instantly with your MAM BMS software and can be allocated to any document you choose (e.g. pick notes, incoming orders).

Outstanding and recent transactions

SalesRep’s recent transactions functionality empowers your sales representatives to enhance customer service by being able to chase up a customer’s back orders on-the-go. This feature will also allow your staff to view and follow up quotes, suspended documents and pick notes - enabling them to provide instant updates to your customers.

System requirements

SalesRep has been designed to give you real-time access to information stored in your MAM business management solution. In order to access SalesRep and utilise all of its features, you may require additional infrastructure, software updates and/or configuration.

(*requires 3G/4G or WiFi access)

Who is it for?

MAM SalesRep is for field-based sales representatives working on behalf of:







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