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Web-Enabled Automotive Parts Catalog

What is Autocat?

Autocat is a comprehensive electronic auto parts catalog providing direct access to the latest updates from a wide variety of industry suppliers. Utilizing both web technology and the industry ACES and PIES standards, Autocat addresses the need to publish updates quickly and eliminates monthly data maintenance. Supplier files are validated, then published to a cloud-based database where the data is immediately available to all Autocat customers.


Who is it for?

Autocat is designed for single site operations to nationwide multi-site organizations.

Warehouse Distributors

Warehouse Distributors



Automotive Parts Retailers

Automotive Parts Retailers

Data Suppliers

Data Suppliers

Autocat Detail Screen

Intuitive and User-Friendly

Autocat provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive selection of vehicle information and product types on a single screen. Additionally, the product category and sub-categories are configurable so customers can place part types in a logical area - or even multiple areas - to ensure visibility and potential add-on sale opportunities. VIN, Interchange, and Buyers Guide searches are also available, providing multiple methods to identify the right part and reduce lost sales.

What are the benefits to your business?

For WDs, Jobbers and Retailers:

  • Direct access to the latest updates from your suppliers. No waiting for monthly DVDs to receive new products or information updates. 

  • Simplified product search screen makes vehicle and part type selection straightforward increasing counterperson efficiency 

  • Preference settings give you control over product categories and the display of search results providing the best opportunity to find the right products for each sale 

For Suppliers:

  • Quick delivery of new products and catalog updates to the marketplace (your customers can be using the new information in as little as a week!) 

  • Ensure that your customers are always up to date. Published changes are immediately available to all users. No need to worry about whether a monthly DVD has been installed. 

  • No data conversion. Your data is imported and displayed as you intended, not converted where information could get lost in translation. 

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