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Brex Inc

Car-X Tire & Auto franchisee enjoys significant success after upgrade to VAST

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About Brex Inc & Car-X

Brex Inc is a franchisee of Car-X Tire & Auto, a nationwide auto-care and tire service center. With 19 stores and a corporate office, Brex is the second largest Car-X Tire & Auto franchisee in the country.

Car-X was founded in 1971, primarily as an exhaust specialist, and today it has adapted to provide a wide array of tires and automotive repair services. Its 168 franchise locations provide full scheduled maintenance services including belts, batteries, brake jobs, wheel alignments, exhaust, tires, air conditioner and suspension system work.


Due to the time demands of a modern auto repair environment, Brex required a more modern, efficient business management solution. "We needed a system that would improve our estimating time and incorporate an electronic parts catalog that would allow to identify the parts, electronically order them and add the required labor" said John Keeley, General Manager & Co-owner of Brex Inc. "Our old system simply wasn't providing that. In addition, the support was limited and software updates always presented a problem."


The staff at Brex first heard about VAST during a presentation MAM Software gave to the Car-X Tire & Auto dealer council, and in March 2009 it was up and running with MAM Software's cutting-edge solution. The benefits to workflow and customer quotes were immediately apparent to John Keeley, "Our ability to generate a timely work order for a customer has made a huge difference in our production. We also have a much better handle now on our cost of goods with VAST."

The customizable nature of the software has also impressed, in this case making previously laborious tasks a breeze. "The maintenance packages that can be customized have been a tremendous help with our oil programs and fluid flushing. In addition, the utilities for sales reporting and inventory & pricing changes have made back office tasks much easier."

"Brex Inc is yet another example of how VAST's modern, feature-rich environment can benefit tire dealers and service centers" said John Fischer, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at MAM Software. "Thanks to a tailored installation Brex has benefited from industry specific maintenance packages, customized to fit the workflow of their business. VAST's extensive stock control features have also allowed the company to enjoy a much clearer overview of its inventory and costs."

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